It’s no secret - Public Relations is most effective when others speak for you.

So with that in mind, here's a sample of what people are saying about The Waters Group Publicity and Public Relations:

"Through an intimate involvement and understanding of the Rylands retirement business and its clients The Waters Group has contributed enormously to improving the public profile of our business over the years. Alison’s lateral and creative thinking has resulted in many successful media articles in print in both main stream and local publications, assisting us greatly in the development of this new business and in achieving our sales goals.

Samantha Buxton, Director The Buxton Group

“It was a pleasure to work with The Waters Group, they are professional, smart, creative, enthusiastic - and tenacious. The energy level is invigorating and very positive. I always felt as though we were all part of a team when working with them.

Not only has the Waters Group conceived and developed a wonderful communications vehicle for 101 Collins Street in the form of the 101 Quarterly magazines but The Waters Group have created, developed and managed many innovative and exciting 101 events, many in the superb marbled foyer space at 101 Collins Street. 

Alison Waters knows how to work the media on the phone, in person and on the web. They are the perfect PR firm for business in the 21st century."

Peter Young, fmr General Manager 101 Collins Street 

  "In the now critical field of Sustainable Technology and Greenhouse issues the Waters Group have achieved an exceptional result with the media coverage of the sustainable technology focused event, Sun Race Australia, which over a period of nine years reached over 200 million people both in Australia and around the world and received a Banksia Environmental Award for Media Communications."

SunRace Australia

"The Waters Group provided creative, wise, consistent and effective PR and media development, playing an active role in the formation of our Esprit Cares Trust and Esprit's role in Australia as a socially responsible Company"

John Bell, Managing Director Esprit Australia

"As an emerging artist I needed to improve my media profile. Within twelve months of briefing The Waters Group I had two exhibitions, one in Melbourne, opened by David Thomas, former Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia, and one in Sydney, opened by Edmund Capon, Director of the Art Gallery of NSW.

The media outcomes of these two successful exhibitions achieved major articles in mainstream media and most importantly, sold my work to collectors."

Felice Pittella Artist